Local Weather, Storms & Tornadoes

Requires: CoroUtil and Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadMC VersionMod VersionDate
weather2-1.12.1-2.6.10.jarDownload1.12.1 / 21:24:28
- Dynamic Trees mod support, with default config it no longer breaks their trees branches, lets them regrow their leafs properly
- Fixed leaf color messing up with biome colors when multiple biomes are near
- Flying blocks now respect block metadata and render better
- Fix hail not doing entity damage ever
- Fix grass not getting turned into dirt by tornado
- Removed some unused particle configs
- Added config to grab entity items (default off), though they refuse to get thrown up into the air
- Fix big bug with entity based grabbing configs not respecting setting them to false
- Made ground splash particles not hover above blocks with smaller bounding boxes
- New config option: Aesthetic_Only_Mode, disables everything but wind and pretty particles
- New client side config option: Client_PotatoPC_Mode, disables as much as possible on the client side for performance sake so you can still join your server that uses weather2 if you computer cant handle it