Weather & Tornadoes v1.591

Latest Download for MC v1.6.4

Mod DL: Mirror 1

* Requires: Forge Universal

Main Features:

- Wind system that brings the world to life with particles for leafs, waterfalls, waves on water and more!
- Extended storm system with 5 stages of increasing intensity.
- Naturally spawning water spouts, tornadoes, and hurricanes at the highpoint of storms.
- The storms rip up the terrain and toss it around. (configurable)

- NOTE: This mod wont get much maintinance/updates anymore and is being replaced with Localized Weather Mod, I might update it to 1.7.2/10 but not much else. Aside from waves, if you feel Localized Weather mod needs something that this mod has, please do ask me on my forum page.

Older Minecraft Version Downloads:

for MC 1.6.4: Download
for MC 1.5.2: Download
for MC 1.5: Download

Mod Update News:

New in v1.591:


- Updated to maintain compatibility with recent Tropicraft update
- CoroAI renamed to CoroUtil

New in v1.59:


- To resolve sensor recipe conflict with steves carts: Sensor recipe is now what Siren recipe was, and Siren recipe is what Sensor was except it needs a sensor instead of gold in the recipe now
- Removed demo item recipies, as they were made before creative mode existed, so now only creative mode people have access as it really should be anyways, but the demoItems config still exists to fully remove them


- Wind effecting vanilla particles like torch fire is fixed, might not have been broken but is more future proof now
- Tornado sounds possibly not fading based on distance to player properly
- Render ordering glitchyness of clouds overtop tornado
- Weird brightness issues on tornado funnel, clouds, leaf particles, and rain particles have been fixed using better wave brightness code

New in v1.58:


- Fixed client side wind not working / debug info crashing

New in v1.57:


- Fixed crash when connecting to server
- Fixed snow rendering like rain
- Fixed temp code left on for tornadoes making them spawn during times other than storm peak

New in v1.56:


- More controlled tornado spawning, now they can only happen every 10 days with a 20 to 1 chance:
-- Storm_Tornado_oddsOfTornadoTo1 (default 20): odds of a tornado spawning in the time window it has
-- Storm_Tornado_minDaysBetweenTornado (default 10): minimum # of days between a natural tornado spawn event


- waverenderrange doesnt reset when tropicraft is installed
- fixed error console spam when tornado is checking if it should grab a block for some mod blocks

New in v1.55:

- Wave rendering less obtrusive, lighting redone and more transparency
- Improvements to extended renderer

New in v1.5 - Vector Trees!:


- New demo/experimental feature, Vector Trees, tree grows over time once block placed, adapting to the environment. Looks like a wood block, beside the siren
- 13 available configurations for the vector tree, type "/config" ingame and look for Vector Tree config category
- Early dev example:

- Definately still experimental, likes to eat memory, wont persist between save/reloads, do not recommend for dedicated servers (set demoItems to false if dedi)
- Configuration is global for now until a more comprehensive config system is designed


- demoItems defaults to true again, since most downloads are for singleplayer anyways

New in v1.42 - Tweaks & Bugfixes:


- Live Config edit, type /config and find the page
- Wind volume is halved, and a config option "Wind_VolumeScale" has been added, default 50, keep in mind the base wind volume is still based off of the wind speed

Bug fixes:

- Performance improvements, particle creation thread works 1/4 as hard
- Fixed sky not going dark enough in rain
- Prevented spouts spawning over land
- Reduced spouts grabbing strength


- Tornado spawn rarity tripled, might yet get further tweaking

- To use with hostile worlds you must use latest Weather mod version
- My particle renderer has been moved into its own mod included with this

New in v1.41 - Bugfixes:

Bug fixes:

- block ID based grabbing caused errors for dedicated servers
- flying blocks would push you in creative mode
- flying blocks didnt require line of sight to hurt you
- Rain falling through blocks, also improved performance on it


- in higher intensity storms, rain might appear in areas that are covered due to the way it renders more rain visual without making more particle instances

New in v1.4 - Deadly Tornado Update:

New features:
- Transparent better looking smooth rain
- Separate config option for the weather items and cheaty demonstration items
- Added recipe for surfboard, 3 planks across middle and 1 stick bottom right
- New OP command for spawning tornadoes and their types, eg spawn F3 tornado: /wm spawn tornado 3
- Water spouts during rainstorms readded
- Tornadoes deadlyness buffed, protects from fall damage less, is MUCH better at pulling you in, so take cover
- Flying blocks do 2 hearts of damage on high speed hit
- New death messages for flying blocks
- Block based grabbing for tornadoes with blacklist/whitelist readded (off by default)
- Creative mode fully protected from wind and tornado influence

Bugs fixed:
- Natural tornado spawning recoded, works for dedicated servers finally, verified tested
- Flickery rain transitions
- Tornadoes floating in the air sometimes
- Moving blocks dissapearing when frame rate is less than 20
- Tornadoes not syncing their type to clients

- Fire particles last longer in the wind
- Lowered max active flying blocks
- Decreased chance of flying blocks dissapearing
- Flying block spinning improved for more impressive tornadoes
- Caching some tropicraft class data, reduces wind and wave boyancy processing
- Improved performance on higher raining rates
- More impressive cloud coverage over tornadoes, adapts to tornado type

New in v1.3:

New features:
- New surfboard model, created by lclc98
- Vanilla waterfalls produce white water particles
- Big waterfalls cause more splash at the bottom and make a constant sound
- Surfboards create white water particle wakes
- The Particles option in MC Video Settings now adjusts my mods particle spawn rates as well. Decreased = 50%, Minimal = 33%

Bugs fixed:
- Surfboard works in waveless water
- Fixed some sinking and boyancy issues with surfboard

New in v1.23:

New features:
- Leaf particle colors now match the leaf block color and biome
- Dynamically adjusting particle creation rate, improves framerate, rate also configurable

Bugs fixed:
- Wind not consistantly working on client side
- Items and boats sinking in water
- Wind particles in caves
- Possible floating items desync fix
- Boyancy issues with living entities and fishing lures
- Wind strength issues with fishing lures
- Config misnaming for main realm wave rendering
- Other various particle tweaks and improvements

New in v1.22:

- Full Tropicraft compatibility, this zip will be the same zip used in tropicraft, detects tropicraft and changes default configs if not already there
- Lots of multi dimensional support updates, only targets overworld and tropirealm for weather processing for now
- Fixed sirens crashing server
- Fixed tornadoes always spawning at end of regular rainstorms
- Random polish

New in v1.21:

- Waves floating mobs in caves fixed
- Waves completely disablable in config by setting waveRenderRange=0
- Weather Menu updated, added quick setting toggle for wave render range and wave height
- Surfboard has proper "name"
- Tornadoes are weather entities again, so they dont get unloaded when they go too far (might bug out for now if active tornadoes > 1)
- Endless storm issue fixed, storms properly die and have a long time before a new one
- rain related crash "n must be positive" fixed
- rain rate increases as storm stages increase
- Moving blocks spin again
- Random polish
- New test item(???)

New in v1.2:

- Ready for multiplayer! Client hosted or Dedicated server, client download works for both
- Mostly unglitchy waves! Surf on them with the new boat (creative mode misc tab), configurable

New in v1.1:

- Wind much less annoying, reduced chance of increasing stages
- Lowered winds effect on pushing player, only highest winds do it now
- Wind gusts shorter
- Wind stays constant at higher stages
- Wind stays at lowest stage longer before climbing in intensities again
- Fixed bright leafs at night when moody brightness setting used

New in v1.0:

- New wind system, multiple stages of intensity, normal wind and wind gusts
- Many many new particles, leaves, air and sand particles all help show off the wind
- New tornado look
- New rain appearance, uses particles
- All new features revertable/disablable in config
- Not recommended for weak PCs! Runs well on my Core2 Duo, 3GB RAM, GeForce 9500 gt System

New in v0.42:

- Fixed natural spawning not working ever
- Fixed water spouts becoming tornadoes on spawn

More Information:

Waves Information:

New console command: /waveheight #, sets the base wave height to #, use for maximizing the joy of surfing
waveRenderRange = how much of the waves to render (for performance tweaking)

Tested and working with minecraftforge-universal-,, should work with latest in theory.

Naturally spawning tornadoes, with detection blocks, recipes are:

Tornado Sensor:
Posted Image

Tornado Siren:
Posted Image

How To Install:

- Extract the zip, and copy the contents of the folder inside into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder
- Run the game, and let them spawn naturally or create the Tornado item from the top recipe in the picture inside zip file
- Extra configuration is possible, WeatherMod.cfg inside %appdata%\.minecraft\config

Extra Configuration:


# block

block {

# general

general {

# item

item {