Weather, Storms & Tornadoes

Adds a weather system to Minecraft. Creates localized storms; from rain to thunderstorms, from tornadoes to sandstorms.

Enhances the precipitation visuals and foliage with shaders. Adds wind that blows the particles around.

Links: Showcase | Github | Youtube Video

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Zombie Awareness

A mod that enhances vanilla creatures with extra awareness of smells, sounds, and light.

Makes players have to be more carefull about how they go about mining, attacking, and lighting up their bases, otherwise swarms of mobs will start coming after them.

Links: Showcase | Github | Youtube Video

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Hostile Worlds Invasions

Adds monster invasions to Minecraft that happen every few nights. Randomized preconfigured sets of monsters and modifications are chosen from, with a focus on digging zombies that will break through your walls.

Fully customizable invasion profiles using json files, comes with a dynamic difficulty system that can ramp up difficulty depending on how far players have progressed.

Links: Showcase | Github

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Was lead developer of a team that brought COD Zombies to Minecraft.

Wave based invasions to survive through with many maps, purchasing system and barricades to repair. Lots of custom weapons.

Links: Old Showcase | Github | Youtube Video

Mutant Zombie Outbreak

Lead developer for a zombie survival minigame, which is available on the Minecraft Marketplace.

Created unique behavior routines for monsters using their behavior pack json API. Integrated custom models into the behaviors. Has a wave based spawning system with between wave purchasing of items using command blocks.

Link: Bedrock Marketplace Page

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I worked with a small team of modders to help create the Tropicraft mod - a new tropical dimension added to Minecraft.

My focus is on the Koa tribe that hunts, fishes, and trades with the player. I also help with other random bits of code, finding bugs, fleshing out features, etc.

Links: Website | Github | Youtube Video

Zombie Players

Adds zombified versions of players to the game which spawns when a player dies, using their skin mixed with blood and green tinting. The zombie will then wander back to their base, trying to act like the player.

You can also feed the zombie player raw meat to calm them and use them to do your bidding, helping defend you or your base.

Links: Showcase | Github

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Desire Paths

Adds natural creation of worn down grass paths as mobs and players walk around.

Will slowly reveal most walked areas over time. If activity stops the paths will slowly restore to full grass.

Links: Showcase | Github

Block Monsters Pet

Added a fully ridable physics simulated block spider, have fun trying to climb around terrain in hilarious fasion.

Using the jbullet physics library, the monster has 6 physics enabled limbs that it uses to navigate around. More of a tech demo than a mod.

Links: Old Showcase | Youtube Video

Love Tropics Fundraiser

For the Love Tropics charity stream, I integrated the donation notifications into minecraft firework displays using the tiltify API.

When someone donates to the fundraiser, a chat message and fireworks can be seen globally in-game.

Links: Website | Github

Vortex Bomb

A bukkit plugin for Minecraft 1.13 that creates a vortex where an egg is thrown. It will grab and spin nearby entities, then eventually pulling them in close and exploding.

Links: Github | Youtube Video With Sound

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