Sky Lanterns

Pretty Orange and Pink Sky Lanterns that float up into the sky and emit light, will despawn after reaching 300 blocks high. Places a light emiting air block with a focus on performance to minimize light/chunk render updates. Can be configured for more or less block light update accuracy and frequency.

Credit goes to RazzleberryFox for the idea and lantern model.

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Notable Features

Leashable Lanterns to Light Up Areas

Use minecraft leads to tie lanterns to fence posts to use as a fancy way to light up your town. They have 30 health and slow heal over time to help them brave the elements.

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Blows In Weather2 Wind

Added support for weather2s wind system when the mod is installed.

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Requires: CoroUtil and Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadChangelogMC VersionMod VersionDate
skylanterns-1.12.1-1.0.1.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 21:58:56
skylanterns-1.12.1-1.0.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 21:09:52