Localized Weather & Stormfronts v2.6.10

Latest Download for MC v1.12.2

Mod DL: Mirror 1

* Requires: Forge Universal | CoroUtil

Main Features:

- Localized weather! See rain and nastier storms coming in from a distance
- Replaces vanilla clouds with my own particle based ones that are always shifting around
- Replaces rain and snowfall with a particle based one that blows in the wind
- Rain clouds build up moisture from water and moist biomes
- Stormfront system uses biome temperature differences to create nasty storms!
- Improved look of storms from old weather mod
- Forecast block that projects the active storms on a grid
- Machine block that can create various types of storms at that location
- Deflector block that can destroy storms within a 150 block radius to protect your creations
- Wind Vane to show the direction of the wind (Model made by Razz of DecoCraft)
- Anemometer to show the speed of the wind
- User friendly GUI to enable/disable the most common features, comes with advanced options
- Scenes enhanced with falling leaf particles and waterfall effects
- Trees make blowing in wind sound, waterfalls make strong water sounds
- Can enhance snowfall with more gradual smooth buildup (default off, memory hungry!)
- Sandstorms! Spawn in deserts, builds up layered sand, causes intense visuals via fog and particle action

Older Minecraft Version Downloads:

Mod Update News:

New in 2.4 for 1.10.2:

- Sandstorms! Spawn in deserts, builds up layered sand, causes intense visuals via fog and particle action
- Added special siren noise for sandstorms, icon visual for radar block
- New layered sand block like layered snow block
- Pocket sand item
- Reworked all weather recipes to use a base weather item to minimize recipe conflicts
- Reworked rain and snow precipitation to work better in high wind
- Reorganized configurations from a single file to multiple files for each major feature, actual config names within files mostly unchanged
- My lightning no longer causes fire when global overcast is off, fire was spreading since server side rain couldnt prevent spread
- Added ability to have a second stormless cloud layer with configurable height level
- Wind state saved to disk and restored on world load
- High wind events that keep it super windy for a while, sandstorms only happen during these events
- Improved how wind influences particles, objects can no longer be pushed faster than the wind speeds itself
- Now gives a proper "Missing CoroUtil" message if you try to run it without CoroUtil
- Many many other bugfixes and tweaks
- Sandstorms can be force spawned with "/weather2 storm create sandstorm" but requires there be some desert upwind of your position.

- Using global overcast mode causes sky flickering when vanilla weather state is transitioning on server side, fix still in the works

New in 2.3.15 for 1.10.2:

- Works with optifine, using a work around due to optifine breaking forge methods

New in 2.3.14 for 1.10.2:

- Needs CoroUtil 1.1.7 for this update for fixes
- Fixed a bunch of bad code that crashes dedicated servers
- Tiny performance improvements
- Might run much better now that things arent error spamming in background for dedicated server

New in 2.3.13 for 1.10.2:

- Updated to MC 1.10.2
- Particle lightning might be less glitch, or more! Who knows!
- Rain is 80% more relaxing

New in 2.3.11 for 1.8.9:


- Updated to MC 1.8.9
- Attempted to improve fps when tornado is tearing up the world: added a block update queue system to make tornadoes less relentless on chunk render updates

Known issues

- Clouds tend to either flicker or drastically change in brightness
- non cloud particles appear darker than usual

New in 2.3.10 for 1.7.10:


- Added way to switch to a global rate of tornadoes instead of per player rate, should solve problem of super frequent tornadoes for heavily populated server areas, activate with setting "Server_Storm_Deadly_UseGlobalRate", and config with "Server_Storm_" prefixed configs
- Storms are now saved and reloaded from disk between world save loads, they still visually have to reform a bit but active storms should persist. Dimensions that unload while you are still in the save lose their active storms for now.
- Keep your farms safe! Added config to prevent entity grabbing of non players via config Storm_Tornado_grabPlayersOnly, use in combination with Storm_Tornado_grabPlayer to false to prevent all types of entity grabbing
- Documented a chunk of the config file, mainly tornado configs

- Crash when Storm_OddsTo1OfHighWindWaterSpout is set to 0

New in 2.3.9 for 1.7.10:

- Adjusted way block grabing rules work, if Storm_Tornado_GrabCond_List is set to true, it ignores Storm_Tornado_RefinedGrabRules and Storm_Tornado_GrabCond_StrengthGrabbing and only grabs based on block list usage, this is so you dont have to disable those 2 settings to make block list based grabbing actually work
- Made tornadoes block ripping shape be circular instead of square
- Fixed a crash that could occur on startup of client, possibly due to other mods installed
- Fixed grabbed blocks not getting their metadata value correctly which caused them to have potentially wrong state when finally lands and blockifies

- Added config Storm_Tornado_GrabCond_List_PartialMatches to allow for partial matches to blocks registered names for grab list
- Added Server_Storm_Deadly_UseGlobalRate to make tornado rates work in a global way instead of per player, Server_Storm_Deadly_OddsTo1 and Server_Storm_Deadly_TimeBetweenInTicks also added, act the same as the player versions, this way if theres a big community of players close together, there wont be a crazy amount of deadly storms, just 1 per the set rate/delay give or take random chance

New in 2.3.7 for 1.7.10:


- Updated CoroUtil to remove console spam and visual glitches

New in v2.3.6 for MC 1.7.10:


- Added compatibility config "Storm_OddsTo1OfLandBasedStorm" to allow for storms to happen anywhere over land, this is so superflat and modpacks like crashlandings recent update to still have storms. Default off (-1), requires a value greater than 0 to enable

New in v2.3.5 for MC 1.7.2 and 1.7.10:


- Fixed ConcurrentModificationException sound crash (90% confirmed, if still issues, post in my thread)

New in v2.3.4:


- Updated to 1.7.10


- Fixed grabbing based on configurable block list (fix is in both 1.7.2 and 1.7.10 versions)

New in v2.3.3:


- Updated to MC 1.7.2, tested on forge 1147


- Fixed snowfall feature functioning outside loaded chunks and causing issues/crashes

New in v2.3.2:


- Fixed crash using weather deflector on server

New in v2.3.1:


- config Cloud_Layer0_Height allows changing of the height clouds are at, default is 200


- When overcast mode is enabled, local rainstorms will be instantly killed off if the server isnt raining anymore (also prevents them from happening if no server rain)
- When overcast mode is enabled and server side is not raining, active storms will die off 3x as fast


- Fixed pausing for over 60 seconds causing an accidental trigger of client side cleanup, killing all storms

New in v2.3:


- Weather2 is now feature complete! Graduated from alpha state and the move to 1.7.x begins!
- Weather Forecast block now projects active storms on a mini grid of the area around the block
- Water spouts have a random chance to form from high wind over water
- Water spouts and forming tornados have a constantly bending funnel
- new EZ GUI entry in preferences tab: Tornados and Cyclones
- EZ GUI Dimensions tab now works
- Added Anemometer block (spinny wind gauge thingy)
- new config "Block_WeatherMachineNoTornadosOrCyclones" disables tornados and cyclones from weather machine
- new config "Storm_NoTornadosOrCyclones" can disable formation of tornados and cyclones for natural and machine based creation
- Added lightning/high wind/hail stages to weather machine


- Seriously reduced the damage rate of cyclones
- prevented F1 and greater tornados from turning into cyclones once they hit water
- Made player only grabbed by strong wind if outside or near outside
- Revised non player grabbing by strong wind (less accurate than player, only checks if exposed to sky)
- Made the vertical pull increase slightly for each stronger tornado and cyclone type
- limited how fast non player living entities get pulled upwards
- Revised Weather Deflector to remove all found storms within radius of 150, instead of just the closest storm


- Fixed a bug that caused some cloud/rainstorms to fail to get removed client side and causing endless rain
- Fixed client side wind effects dimension list to not also include weather manager and vanilla cloud disable feature

New in v2.2.1:


- Fixed no wind events being off causing no wind at all
- Forcing storm to end when source weather machine is broken (to prevent survival from freeing storms to do damage)

New in v2.2:

Weather 2.2


- EZ GUI! click it in ingame menu or type /weather2 config
- Mod compatibility improving feature "overcast Mode" that makes storms only develop if server side rain is active, also forces a minimum amount of rain (I wish I could reduce the vanilla rain sound >:U)
- Tropical Cyclones and Hurricanes added, will only form over water, for now cyclones/hurricanes rip blocks similar to tornados but in a gigantic radius, also their look is more of a fat tornado for now until I get inspired on how to revise it
- Config option "Particle_VanillaAndWeatherOnly" to make client wind visuals ONLY effect vanilla and weather mod based particles, helps for mod compatibility
- Config options "Storm_OddsTo1OfOceanBasedStorm" for creation of ocean based storms
- leaves blowing in the wind sound effect (volume configurable)
- Weather machine that can cycle between rain, F1 Tornado, and Stage 1 Cyclone
- Weather Deflector that kills off any storms within a 100 block radius
- Super professional programmer quality textures for Weather forecast, machine, and deflector blocks
- Multidimension support, change in config file or use /config method


- Storm progression changed to how weather1 used to do it, every storm starts at thundering, and each stage has an increasingly weighted random chance to progress to next stage of intensity, thunder -> high wind -> hail -> sign of formation of tornado/cyclone -> F1 / cyclone stage 1 to stage 5, stage 5 cyclone is a hurricane
- High wind and hail stages use the enhanced cloud formation look that tornados have in 2.1, and has a bit of a ground effect to show wind speed and direction
- Widened block damage radius of all tornados
- Added support to make snow happen outside biomes, but for now only unnaturally spawned storms can do that, its just so messy otherwise
- Turned off all new snow feature configs after determining they kill framerates and eat memory. Turn back on at your own risk.
- changed smooth snow placement default to false until its less buggy
- renamed config Wind_Particle_leaf_rate to Wind_Particle_effect_rate
- added fake hail visuals that renders along with the real hail that can hurt you
- Added more data to weather forecast block
- Made wind able to have no wind events for as long as half a minecraft day


- Potential fix for an endless loop stack trace overload crash caused by my snowfall
- Fixed wind vane render bounding box

Coming soon to next version (possibly the last major 1.6.4 version)

- block grab rule rework to grab topmost/exposed blocks first
- entity(or just player) grab rule rework to make them only grabed when calculated to be "outside"
- waterspouts
- EZ GUI dimension tab and maybe a sounds tab
- spinny thing for measuring wind speed

New in v2.1:


- Wind gusts readded
- Wind events added
- Tornado touchdown stage readded
- F2-F5 readded, refined from what they were in weather1, and wont spin backwards for F4 and above
- Wind Vane completed and working great, credit to Razz from Decocraft for the model
- Weather Forecast block has basic text info (very WIP)
- Particle Rain & Particle Snow added
- Snowfall causes more gradual snow buildup, and tries to smooth it out between neighbor blocks, you can customize how high it builds up to, how fast, and if it should smooth out
- New configs: Lightning_rateOfFire and Lightning_lifetimeOfFire (since at the moment server side rain cant put fires out like vanilla ways), also like 20 other configs added
- New per player based configs for deadly storms, a deadly storm can only happen once every 3 minecraft days (configurable)


- added particle render order feature to my particle renderer (this fixes clouds appearing infront of tornado)
- renamed blockID configs to prefix with Block_
- increased the vertical variance in clouds ever so slightly, gives more look of depth
- tweaked storm forming/active tornado visual to have more visual activity in the clouds around the center
- Darkened clouds at night even more
- Changed Storm_Tornado_maxBlocks to Storm_Tornado_maxBlocksPerStorm which reflects what it does better in weather2, lowered default from 500 to 200

- Misc_ForceVanillaCloudsOff only forces it off if you are currently in main overworld dimension
- Added code that cleans up storm data on world close (should fix reloading to different world derpy states)
- Added code to sync all currently active storms/clouds to newly connecting players on a server
- Made living entities lighter, so they get vertically pulled better
- Fixed the vertical grab rate for entities being multiplied per tornado (no more stuff shooting super fast into sky when many tornados around)
- Made lightning flash sky only if player is within 256 blocks of lightning
- Changed lightning sound to be client side only, might fix no thunder issue for cauldron

New in v2.0.1:


- Tracked down some memory leaks, should be moderatly better with that now, survived an 8 hour test while I slept.
- Fixed crashes when using dedicated server, tested working with 1 player joining a server


- waterfall rules revised, should fix bottom of ocean sounding like waterfall
- fixed waterfall sounds still playing when water is removed
- fixed sound related crash when resourcepack changed or reloaded

- very very WIP wind vane thingy, waiting on model/textures

New in v2.0:

Info from forum:
- spawns cloud formations randomly around each player
- builds up a water level when its over ocean, river, swamp, jungle, when it hits a max it rains after a small random odds to 1
- cloud formations store the temperature based on the biome it spawned over, this defines it as either a warmfront or a coldfront, they will also slowly adjust to the temperature of the biome they are currently floating over
- assuming the global wind is perfectly east or west moving, a warmfront will move more towards the north and coldfront will move towards the south (the angle adjustments might not be perfectly north or south if global wind is already in that direction)
- since cold fronts and warm fronts move at different angles, this makes them able to collide
- when they collide (currently too often) it takes the difference in temperature to determine the intensity peak of the newly created storm
- if cloud/storm is raining or more, you can tell by the darkened color of the clouds, no "long distance raining effect" just yet
- Because of the complexity of storm front rules, they are a little out of wack, might take a few releases for me to balence it
- Areas where desert/swamp are right beside ocean/wintery biomes will have more intense storms due to the rules of the stormfront system.
- Living inland away from water and radical biome temperature changes SHOULD have calmer weather.

More Information:

Use this version of tropicraft to work with weather2: http://coros.us/mods/modsystem/dl/Tropicraft%20v5.1.7%20for%20MC%20v1.6.4.zip

How this mod differs from Weather1 aka "Weather and Tornadoes":
Weather2 (with default settings) is focused to be a localized weather mod, each player can experience rain and nasty storms depending on where they are in the world, each player has the sky populated with particle based clouds around them that can build up to be a storm in the right conditions, each storm is more feature full than weather1, going from rain->lightning->highwind->hail->forming tornado or forming cyclone if over water and so on. So all that stuff is simulated "per player" rather than "per dimension with a random picking of a player". Lots more polish in rules and visuals of clouds / funnel. Also theres a few more blocks like weather forecast block, wind vane, anemometer, deflector and weather machine. I think that pretty much covers it, I also went for more user friendly configuration via EZ GUI button in ingame menu. To make it more compatible with mods that need vanilla weather, enable global overcast mode in EZ GUI.

commands syntax:
/weather2 volcano create - will spawn a very very WIP volcano at your location, in hyper demo mode, missing lots of planned particle effects
/weather2 storm create ... example: storm create F1 alwaysProgress ... eg2: storm killall

How To Install:

- Download and put jar file into %appdata%\.minecraft\mods folder
- Run the game, and watch the sky, or use the commands above
- Extra configuration is possible, see the Weather2 folder inside %appdata%\.minecraft\config

Extra Configuration:

"weather2: misc" {