Main Features:

- Lets you tame any entities in the minecraft world to follow your commands and protect you

More Information:

Feature list:

  • Tame anything in the world, they:
  • Will never despawn
  • Get a healthbar, and orders indicator
  • Don't explode if pet creeper
  • Can be healed with left click when holding healing item, or auto healed
  • Can be stacked/mounted onto each other
  • Pets use pathfinding for navigation
  • Will follow orders

Domination Rod orders on right click (use configurable Q and E keys to cycle orders):

  • Follow player
  • Stay still
  • Idle/Wander
  • Guard area
  • Guard entity, click guarder, then ent to guard
  • Mount entity, click mounter, then ent to mount
  • Pets within a range of 60 blocks attack target

Enhanced Pets get (all configurable):

  • More health
  • Faster movement
  • More damage
  • Skeletons get configured cooldown, range change, accuracy change

Debug Keys:

  • NUMPAD3: Change to night key (if enabled in options)
  • NUMPAD4: Show all healthbars
  • NUMPAD5: Default force pet stay near key, configurable
  • NUMPAD6: Change to day key (if enabled in options)
  • NUMPAD7: Displays the number of alive hostile entities in the world for a second.
  • NUMPAD8: Default set pet follow distance to the near value (key and value configurable)
  • NUMPAD9: Default set pet follow distance to the far value (key and value configurable)

How to make the Rods:

Regular Domination Rod (8 charges)
Posted Image

Enhanced Domination Rod (20 charges, enhances pets)
Posted Image

How To Install:

1. open %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft\bin\minecraft.jar with winrar or 7zip
2. Drag all the files from the contents of the 'put in minecraft.jar' folder into winrar.
3. Delete the META-INF folder from minecraft.jar within winrar



Requires: Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadChangelogMC VersionMod VersionDate
Pets v3.1 for MC v1.1.zipDownloadChangelog1.13.12018-06-13 23:13:33