Desire Paths

As you walk around, grass blocks are slowly worn down to eventually reveal where all living entities walk most, like players, monsters and animals, villagers, etc. Will slowly regrow over time if not continually walked on.

I recommend turning on "Force threaded chunk rendering" in "Client Settings" in Minecraft Forge Mod Options Config. My mod keeps block updates to a minimum but this setting still helps a lot.

Main Features

Villagers and Animals

Here you can see animals penned up will wear down the grass over time.


Monsters that hoarde up against your walls wear down the area.


Barely worn grass will repair faster vs heavily worn grass. It will also only repair outside in, when next to semi healthy or better grass.


Requires: CoroUtil and Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadChangelogMC VersionMod VersionDate
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.8.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 13:53:58
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.7.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 12:33:12
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.6.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 10:52:32
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.5.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 10:14:10
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.4.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 18:57:38
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.3.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 21:12:40
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.2.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 16:14:55
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.1.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 17:27:58
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.2.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 19:45:24
desirepaths-1.12.1-1.1.1.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 10:53:29