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Mod Showcase and Download

Zombie Awareness FAQ

How it works

The mod makes it seem like mobs are aware of you more from the sounds you make or the smells you emit.

When you perform certain actions like mining blocks or taking damage, the mod will spawn or buff an invisible "sense" entity that other mobs use to pathfind to. These decay over time to simulate the mobs eventually "forgetting" about it and caring more about the most recent senses.

The current actions that trigger senses are:

  • Block breaking
  • Taking damage (configurable)
    • Shows blood splatter on the ground
  • Having low health (as if you are bleeding over time)
  • Arrows hitting/shooting
  • Explosions
  • Chests and doors opening and closing
  • Buttons, Levers, Pressure plates being used
  • Pistons activating (can be heard from far, configurable)
  • Zombies growling (configurable)
  • Being near light sources they can see (configurable)

You can enable or disable sound based triggers as a whole in Features.cfg

If you want to see what is making sound senses ingame, turn on client_debugSensesVisual in ClientConfig.cfg

You can decide what mobs are enhanced with all this extra awareness by editing MobLlists.cfg

  • As noted in the cfg file, won't work for all mobs if they arent using ground pathfinding or if a modded mob does its own special ways of ground pathfinding.

Other small features

  • Mobs make investigation and agression noises when they are pathing to you or see you
  • Random speed boost to mobs on spawn (configurable via General.cfg)
  • Spawns extra clusters of mobs at night from an existing zombie if its far enough away from you, (configurable via maxZombiesNight in Spawning.cfg)
  • Turns off baby zombies and random chance of re-enforcement feature (configurable via Features.cfg)

Extra features default off in config

  • Extra mob spawning on surface
    • Turn on with extraSpawningSurface in Features.cfg, more detailed choices in Spawning.cfg
  • Extra mob spawning in caves
    • Turn on with extraSpawningCave in Features.cfg, more detailed choices in Spawning.cfg
  • Mob Omniscience
    • Turn on in General.cfg
  • Mobs See through walls
    • Turn on in General.cfg