Particle Man

Adds a particle glove that lets you wield the powers of fire, redstone, and water!

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Main Features

  • Pull, store and control particles with the particle glove
  • A great use in the offhand slot!
  • Use as melee elemental effect for precise damage
  • Shoot a spray of particles at your enemies, comes back if you miss
  • Create a shield out of them to protect you while fighting or mining or even afk
  • Make a shockwave from the shield by crouching/sneaking while firing
  • Carefull not to starve to death, controlling the elements is exausting!
  • Has 2 controls defaulting to 'k' and 'l', cycles active element and shield deploy (retract if crouching/sneaking)
  • Fire: It burns and hurts entities with some knockback
  • Redstone: High damage and high knockback
  • Water: Used to launch yourself in the opposite direction or cause minor damage to mobs, also puts out fires


Requires: CoroUtil and Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadChangelogMC VersionMod VersionDate
particleman-1.12.1-1.5.2.jarDownloadChangelog1.12.1 / 21:14:03
particleman-1.10.2-1.4.4.jarDownloadChangelog1. 21:27:22