Particle Man (SMP Remake) v1.4.2

Latest Download for MC v1.7.10

Mod DL: Mirror 1

* Requires: Forge Universal

Main Features:

- Pull, store and control particles with the particle glove
- Use as melee elemental effect for precise damage
- Shoot a spray of particles at your enemies, comes back if you miss
- Create a shield out of them to protect you while fighting or mining or even afk
- Make a shockwave from the shield by crouching
- Carefull not to starve to death, controlling the elements is exausting!
- Has 2 controls defaulting to 'k' and 'l', cycles active element and shield deploy (retract if crouching)

- Fire: It burns and hurts entities with some knockback
- Redstone: High damage and high knockback
- Water: Used to launch yourself in the opposite direction or cause minor damage to mobs, also puts out fires

Older Minecraft Version Downloads:

for MC 1.7.10: Download
for MC 1.7.2: Download
for MC 1.6.4: Download
for MC 1.5.2: Download
for MC 1.5: Download

Mod Update News:

New in 1.4.2 for 1.7.10:


- Updated CoroUtil to remove console spam and visual glitches

9/9/2014 - :

- Reuploaded with latest CoroUtil bundled for compatibility with other mods

New in v1.4 - :

- little tank storage GUI beside inventory
- water particles that shoot from your feet for flying based on the angle you are at, like a water jetpack
- tweaked other particles to cost more and have a little less power

New in v1.3 - Internal Storage, Water Jets:

- Elements now go directly into glove storage
- 2 new controls, make sure they dont conflict with your other controls, 1 toggles active element, 1 deploys shield, or retracts it if crouching
- You can have a shield of any element type, while shooting any particle type you want assuming you have enough in storage
- Shockwave still possible by right clicking while crouching, if you have a shield
- Has a small addition to the hotbar to display how much of each element you have

More Information:


Particle Glove:

How To Install:

- Extract the zip. In the zip, copy the contents of the folder into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder
- Run the game, change your keybinds if needed (I recommend x and c)
- Create the glove from the recipe