Block Monsters Pet Test

Main Features:

- Block Monster Pet powered by jBullet physics
- A spider based block monster with 6 legs with a tripod walking gait
- Ridable and fully controllable by player
- Has various keys to change how it walks
- Bonus player physics mode that lets you fly around the world as if you were a sphere rolling around
- Experimental! Expect quirks, use on servers at your own risk!

More Information:

How to use:
To spawn, use the egg, or type: /bm spawn
configure keys with /bm config
while riding, default keys are:
WASD & Spacebar for movement
R - increase walk speed
F - decrease walk speed
Z - toggle base leg height change
X - toggle leg height range change
C - eat trees

When not riding, you can toggle activate player physics with V key

Performance & Feature/Bug notes:

It uses a heightmap of the mc world, meaning you can only ride it on the surface, and things like trees and overhangs will cause some issue.

Theres a bug where heightmap might not be there if you load up a second world after running mc, just restart mc.

Make sure to spawn him when you're at the topmost part of the world! Otherwise he will just fall through. Also he might just fall through anyways due to weird bugs Im not sure of why, Yay for experiments mods and their bugs.

The mod is also a little heavy on the CPU due to it having to update the heightmap as you move around or eat trees, so take care when using this on any large dedicated servers

How To Install:

- Extract the zip, and copy the contents of the folder inside into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder
- Run the game, and watch the sky, or use the commands above
- Extra configuration is possible, Weather2/MiscConfig.cfg inside %appdata%\.minecraft\config



Requires: Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadChangelogMC VersionMod VersionDate
blockmonsters v1.0.1 for MC v1.6.4.zipDownloadChangelog1. 23:16:08