Hostile Worlds v0.5.1 Alpha

Latest Download for MC v1.7.10

Mod DL: Mirror 1

* Requires: Forge Universal

Main Features:

Overworld Invasions

Portal Invasions: Meteorites crash to the ground and create a portal leading to another dimension, monsters will start invading through it in waves until you find a way to close the portal.

Cave Invasions: Once the invaders have made their introduction via Meteorite, they will also be able to spawn in deep caves around you.

Adaption: It's a sandbox world, so everything adapts to you and your friends active skill and ability level to always provide a challenging experience.
- Base difficulties: easy, normal, hard
- Adds more challenge based off of all players equipment, both averaging and adding difficulty based off of it
- Difficulty rises as more invasions come from the same source
- Difficulty effects invaders health, damage, and amount spawned


Zombie Miner: The leader, he can dig himself out of almost any situation and guide his army along the right path towards your base.
- Main Ability: Digs through obstacles
- Digs stairway paths upwards or downwards for other entities to use
- Keeps the area around him actively loaded to ensure hes always on the job (chunkloader tech)
- Other invaders follow him while working their way towards their target

Zombie Invader: The army, fast and deadly, these guys will clump up and throw themselves at you incase you think heights can keep you safe.
- Main Ability: Groups and stacks up over walls, can reach any height based on number of invaders
- Stacks up in open air, attempting to wrap around overhangs

Zombie Climber: M.I.A., last seen placing ladders helping other vanilla zombies get to hard to reach places.
- Currently not used, WIP
- Main Ability: Can climb anything, places ladders while doing it for everything else to follow

Invaders Dimension

To eventually be a full fledged dimension with some terrifying generation. I'd like to work out an actual story behind all this, thinking their world (or worlds) are doomed to be destroyed by the giant world eaters. They worked out a way to send meteors out to place portals on other worlds, which they hope to call home one day.
- Has a multi staged boss battle, a bit of a suprise half way
- Gain the ability to weild particles through defeating the boss, and in the future, blocks

Older Minecraft Version Downloads:

for MC 1.7.2: Download
for MC 1.6.4: Download
for MC 1.5.2: Download
for MC 1.5: Download

Mod Update News:

New in 0.5.1 for 1.7.10:


- Updated CoroUtil to remove console spam and visual glitches

New in 0.5 for 1.7.10:


- Changed from time based to activity based invasion triggers, specifically, harvesting of enough ores and trees triggers one
- Changed look of generated area around meteor crash site, portal no longer enterable as dynamic dimensions were removed
- both bosses are now in the overworld, fire worm does not go far from crash site
- changed crash site needs more polish but its functional
- WIP "quest book" to show where invasions are
- lots of hidden new features that arent finished yet

New in 0.4.3:


- fixed NoSuchMethodError crash in DimensionChunkCache, install this mod last for now if using any of my other mods

New in 0.4.2:


- Updated to latest CoroUtil

New in 0.41:


- Updated to maintain compatibility with recent Tropicraft update
- CoroAI renamed to CoroUtil

Changes for MC 1.6.2 version:

- Zombie speeds are changed, faster until rebalenced, be carefull fighting in open fields their movement leading is scary with the speed change
- Damage might be slightly more, not 100% sure since new attribute system
- Cooldowns
-- Initial: 6 mc days (longer)
-- Between Invasions: 10 mc days (longer)
-- Between waves: 3 IRL minutes (shorter)

New in v0.4 alpha:

New Features

- The Item Using Turret (90% complete, semi experimental)
-- A new amazing way to defend your place against hostiles!
-- Emulates the way players use items to make the customizing options nearly endless when you think about the mod items you could use (some have issues though)
-- GUI: Has melee, ranged, and ranged ammo, and 3 fuel slots
-- GUI: can change turrets 'right click' charge time for item (eg: to full charge shoot a bow)
-- GUI: can change the cooldown between shots, but costs more power per shot for faster rate
-- GUI: change the target range, 0-80 blocks
-- GUI: toggle usage mode on melee slot to use left click or right click (so it could use a close ranged right click using item for melee)
-- Requires coal or IC2 EU power source to charge internal power
-- Works with a lot of mod items, specifically ones that fire projectiles, however some have issues, like thaumcraft firebat/lightning rods due to the way they raytrace for targets I think, hard to tell. Balkons boomerangs are horribly bad (duplication issue), random issues like that.
-- Decently balenced for gameplay, minus the random issues with mod items
-- Has recipe: bottom row is 3 mossy cobble, middle row is redstone blocks on side and mossy cobble in middle, top row is a bow in the middle
-- Due to the experimental nature and difficulty of faking a player to use items as they do, it might be impossible for me to prevent this mod from allowing crashes to happen when users try out mod items with issues. A blacklist to prevent certain items from being used will be added in the future.
-- Injects AI into vanilla entities so they target the turrets
-- Is a combo tile entity / entity structure, if hostile kills the top piece, it will auto repair in about 15 seconds, no maintinance required (yet?)
-- Preserves the state of the item after firing at a cost of power (this prevents the need to repair item etc, doesnt restore nbt state yet[?] but will in future)
--- A cost to use melee/range and to undo damage
--- A cost to refuel the used item from the ammo slot
-- Small bugs: in some states if you switch the ranged weapon, it wont notice the change and continue to use old item, just break turret and replace :(
-- combine with Zombie Awareness extra spawning and have fun setting up sandboxy tower defense scenarios! See if they can overrun it or exaust your power supply, game over man

- Unit Factory (very WIP, probably OP but has no recipe yet)
-- looks like a teleporter pad but actually replicates a hostile world comrade to fight with you
-- Block is based off item using turret, so you can place items to give to the spawned entity
-- Awesome replicating effect ( )
-- Comrade is essentially a walking item turret with none of the recharge stuff, so he'll eventually becomes less usefull
--- Costs 500000 power to replicate one
--- Has all the survival logic my AI has developed over the years, attacks whats closest to you, flees if low health, slowly heals and has health visual
--- Teleports to you when far

- RTS Building (super amazingly experimental no recipe, but 99% stable)
-- A techdemo of my WIP town AI work to further my skill in AI development and desire to make a fully fledged RTS AI
--- Upon placement, builds the main command building from schematic (if available) and initiates a new town instance
--- Town Economy AI kicks in and produces workers
---- workers for now scan around for wood/tallgrass to gather and bring back to main base, uses base intelligent area scanning to help find resources
--- Economy AI starts giving out house build orders to workers and starts trying to fill out the area with houses as the resources come in

- Comrades and Workers require ZombieCraft textures to be installed for their appearance looks like, woo experimental stuff


- For the most part, invaders are the same, but there has been a lot of improvements and tweaks, their stacking has been improved greatly
- A config option that auto teleports the invaders to as close as 150 blocks from you was added to fix some issues when using MCPC+ with distant chunkloaded entities, however I believe the issue with MCPC+ has been since fixed, so don't use unless you have issues of invasions never showing up or getting stuck far away

Also noting here because they have no proper page:

CoroAI (all my AI uses)

- More and more and more efficiencies in the threaded pathfinding, prevented a lot of redundant path requests being added to queue
- Universal tamability (see new tropicraft taming staff)
- Easy config diplomacy system
- Formation and Mob mentality system
- Behavior Tree AI tech
- New Config: cache overworld chunks only for pathfinder thread, someone had an issue of game eating all memory when my stuff is trying to cache Biomes o Plentys custom dimension, enabling this option fixed the issue (but will break my pathfinding outside of overworld)

BuildMod (support mod for HW, ZC, TC)

- New ability to rotate schematics as they are printing into world with extremely limited metadata rotate support
- new Integer using mode that fixes old bug with block ids above 256
- Planning for schematics to stop using block ids by auto generating a block name&class to id lookup map
-- This will allow for ZombieCraft and other mods to support their block ids to be changed without breaking everything
--- Which also means a huge plus for supporting other mods that need those block id ranges and even use with ID resolver etc

ModConfig (all my mods use)

- New way to run custom code after a generic config update call

How To Install:

- Extract the zip. In the zip, copy the contents of the folder into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder
- Initial invasion trigger is time based for now, wait 3 minecraft days or type "/hw invasion start" in console
- To close a portal, get a particle glove by making one or getting one by defeating the boss in the invaders dimension

Extra Configuration:

Type "/config" ingame to access these settings for live editing

"hostile worlds settings" {