Hostile Worlds

Main Features:

Overworld Invasions

Portal Invasions: Meteorites crash to the ground and create a portal leading to another dimension, monsters will start invading through it in waves until you find a way to close the portal.

Cave Invasions: Once the invaders have made their introduction via Meteorite, they will also be able to spawn in deep caves around you.

Adaption: It's a sandbox world, so everything adapts to you and your friends active skill and ability level to always provide a challenging experience.
- Base difficulties: easy, normal, hard
- Adds more challenge based off of all players equipment, both averaging and adding difficulty based off of it
- Difficulty rises as more invasions come from the same source
- Difficulty effects invaders health, damage, and amount spawned


Zombie Miner: The leader, he can dig himself out of almost any situation and guide his army along the right path towards your base.
- Main Ability: Digs through obstacles
- Digs stairway paths upwards or downwards for other entities to use
- Keeps the area around him actively loaded to ensure hes always on the job (chunkloader tech)
- Other invaders follow him while working their way towards their target

Zombie Invader: The army, fast and deadly, these guys will clump up and throw themselves at you incase you think heights can keep you safe.
- Main Ability: Groups and stacks up over walls, can reach any height based on number of invaders
- Stacks up in open air, attempting to wrap around overhangs

Zombie Climber: M.I.A., last seen placing ladders helping other vanilla zombies get to hard to reach places.
- Currently not used, WIP
- Main Ability: Can climb anything, places ladders while doing it for everything else to follow

Invaders Dimension

To eventually be a full fledged dimension with some terrifying generation. I'd like to work out an actual story behind all this, thinking their world (or worlds) are doomed to be destroyed by the giant world eaters. They worked out a way to send meteors out to place portals on other worlds, which they hope to call home one day.
- Has a multi staged boss battle, a bit of a suprise half way
- Gain the ability to weild particles through defeating the boss, and in the future, blocks

How To Install:

- Extract the zip. In the zip, copy the contents of the folder into your %appdata%\.minecraft folder
- Initial invasion trigger is time based for now, wait 3 minecraft days or type "/hw invasion start" in console
- To close a portal, get a particle glove by making one or getting one by defeating the boss in the invaders dimension


Requires: Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadChangelogMC VersionMod VersionDate
hostile worlds 0.5.2 for MC v1.7.10.zipDownloadChangelog1. 23:10:40
hostileworlds v0.5.1 Alpha for MC v1.7.10.zipDownloadChangelog1. 23:07:30
hostileworlds v0.4.3 Alpha for MC v1.6.4.zipDownloadChangelog1. 23:09:13