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1.10.2 Updates Are Here!

Weather2 and CoroUtil for MC 1.10.2 is out! Finally getting caught up to the latest minecraft version, felt like its been years, probably because it has been!

Go get it!

Next up ZombieAwareness and some new feature play for weather2.


Host changes and mod updates!

Site has been migrated to a new host so I can manage it better!


Also 1.8.9 mod updating is underway! weather2 is almost done, it might need some optimizations too, getting there!


Busy times

Hey all, clearly I haven't been updating my site or mods much, been really busy since I was hired by Youth Digital back in October 2014.

It's been nice not having to worry about managing my mods for a while, but I think I'm at a point where I can handle doing tiny random updates despite still being really busy, I'll be focused on bugfixing and potentially updating to newer minecraft versions.

Hard to say if any feature based updates will happen any time soon, the burden of keeping up with the latest minecraft is a strong demotivator for adding new code I have to maintain.

Recent work has mainly just been my MC Corobot mod which I mostly work on for my own personal enjoyment because AI development is a fun challenge.

I just did some bugfixes for CoroUtil and will be releasing a 1.1.3 shortly, once I relearn how to update mods on my site heh, it's been a good 8 months since last update.


Rewrites, feature completedness, and preparing for 1.7/1.8

Incase you didn't notice, I've taken on the task of rewriting Weather 1 from (mostly) scratch, as of writing this its 2.1 alpha state is released and I'd say about 80% complete to what I was planning. Hopefully once I hit that feature complete state I can finally start tackling 1.7 and all its scary changes (mainly the packet system)....


Once that mod is less on my mind I hope to focus my efforts on a small rewrite of Zombie Awareness (its a really basic mod code wise) as well as some design plan changes for Hostile Worlds, mainly making hostile worlds not be timer based, and instead be sensitive to the ores/resources you are mining and use that as a base reason for them invading you, those changes might come before 1.7. But for Hostile Worlds 1.7 update I plan on getting rid of the dimension, it was a neat idea but too much work required to fill it out, and it just causes crashing issues for some, and is high maintenance. There is also a small chance Hostile Worlds will merge into what this 'RPGMod' will be that I've been coding on and off forever, or might just run with it side by side to assist in filling out gameplay more, undecided.


As for ZombieCraft, I still have wants to get some sort of leaderboard system working for it where you can use my website to see the best scores on official and user made maps. With weather1 being out of the picture now, ZombieCraft is now my oldest maintained mods, and it's going to be a scary ordeal updating it and its super old packet system to 1.7 and its new packet system. A final note, I'm going to try my best to maintain backwards compatibility from the community made maps from 1.6.4 to work in 1.7, worst case, I'll release some sort of tool/mod feature that eases the pain of updating the schematic files from 1.6.4 to 1.7/1.8. Given that I implemented a ID -> name system in my schematic files for blocks before mojang had for minecraft, I believe that should make things a lot easier on my part.