Move Plus v2.3.1

Latest Download for MC v1.7.10

Mod DL: Mirror 1

* Requires: Forge Universal | CoroUtil

Main Features:

- Double jump
- Dodging
- Dodge jumping
- Wall jumping (currently no limit on how many you can do while in air)
- Boost Dodging
- Fall damage prevented for the velocities that these jumps add, but you can still hurt yourself if you fall too far
- Near complete configuration, open up %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft\config\mod_MovePlus.cfg for tweaking / activating of new features
- Air control: Better movement ingame when at low speeds, subtle addition
- Speed jumping: Momentum boost if you jump immediately after landing
- Dodge toggle key, default 'Z' (configurable)
- Auto navigation to set waypoints (default off)
- Persistant running: hitting objects doesnt stop sprint
- Auto jump when against a block (default off)

Older Minecraft Version Downloads:

for MC 1.7.2: Download

Older versions require ModLoader and audiomod.

for MC 1.6.4: Download

Mod Update News:

New in v2.3.1:

- reduces knockback by 70%, configurable

- mod container rewritten for forge style mod
- reduced delay between dodges to almost nothing

- mod still eats up your stamina when used, can be configured
- should still be client side only mod
- download is jar file itself, requires coroutil, download separately

New in v2.3 - Legit Movement Update (Mostly):

New features:
- Knockback elimination (configurable, default off)
- Dodges eat your hunger bar up without the need for a server side mod, has a delayed effect (configurable)
- Added delay between ground dodges and boost dodges, preventing easy dancing around hostile mobs (configurable)
- Default configuration is set for more legit play (all undoable in configuration)
-- Dodging reduced to 60% effectiveness
-- Hunger bar usage for dodges and double jumps default on
-- Double jump, wall dodges, and ground dodges costs 5x hunger of a normal jump, a boost dodge costs 20x that of a normal jump
-- 3 second delay between ground dodges
- Holding shift while hovering over a block gives its name and id/meta (default off)
- Experimental air resistance removal, also speeds up creative mode flying (default off)

New in v2.2:

- Persistant running: keeps collisions from resetting active sprint
- Player pathfinding (default off): can auto navigate you to: your last death, your home waypoint, or 3 other customizable waypoints (see More Information for details)
- Auto jump (default off): Automatically makes the player jump when pressing against a block
- Fixed inventory and chat menus triggering dodges etc for the billionth time

More Information:

Adds more movement styles to the game! Trying to mimic the jumping tricks from Unreal Tournament 2k3 (UT2k4 and then some)

My Inspiration: UT2k3 trickjump video)

I've gotten tired of the limiting movements in Minecraft, I've always hoped for a more robust movement system, so here it is.

How to use Pathfinder / Auto navigator:
- Firstly, turn on the feature in the config by setting pathFeatures to true
- Hit a waypoint key to set it as the navigate target, then hit Insert to start auto navigating

- Keys:
- Insert: Start navigating path
- Delete: Stop navigating path
- End: Set last death location as navigate target
- Home: Set home waypoint as navigate target
- LCtrl+Home: Update home waypoint to current position
- Numpad 4-6: Set waypoint # as navigate target
- LCtrl+Numpad 4-6: Update waypoint # to current position

Issues with SMP:
- On some servers, they may track your speed and warp you back to where you were, especially on bukkit servers.

- Works for FML, or Forge

How To Install:

Installation: Copy the downloaded jar file into your mods folder

Extra Configuration: