Zombie Players

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Make Zombie Players spawn naturally

Open config/Zombie_Players.cfg and edit Spawning_spawnZombiePlayersNaturally to true.

  • You can also add more players names to spawn as zombie players by adding to the list for Spawning_playerNamesToUse

Calming your Zombie Player

Zombie Players are just hungry, and you look delicious, but there are other things they can feed on.

With some raw meat, right click them or toss it on the ground for them to pickup, this will satisfy their hunger. You'll find they no longer try to bite you, for now... Some have observed they will remain calm for a few days. Perhaps they will stay calm longer if you feed them some more.

If your zombie starts getting hungry and cranky, he'll start growling more and giving off anger particles, better feed him before he turns on you.

You'll find they can be useful, and will attack other monsters to help protect you.

Toss them some items and armor to help them survive better, this will also prevent them from despawning.

They will regain some health on hit of a monster, and more on kill of a monster. They also heal very very slowly over time.

They will avoid picking fights with mobs if their health is low. You'll know if their health is low by the redstone particles above their head constantly. Tossing them more meat will heal them.

If the Zombie Player spawned from your death, they will hang around your spawn, but other naturally spawned ones will just wander.

If you want to keep them in a general area, try right clicking them with a bed, you'll see hearts appear, that means they will remain in that area as their home within 16ish blocks. Another right click will extend it to 32 blocks, again for 64 blocks, then another click will remove their home area which shows as colored smoke, from there the cycle repeats with hearts again.

Zombie too noisy? Right click them with an apple (because reasons), that should keep them quiet, do it again to make them noisy again.

If they picked up an item you want back, right click them with rotten flesh and they will drop everything for you, be quick to grab it.


  • Calm and heal with raw meat
  • Calm zombies will attack other monsters if healthy
  • Toss weapon and armor to equip them
  • Right click with bed to set home, cycle is: home 16 range, home 32 range, home 64 range, remove home
  • Right click with apple to silence growls.
  • Right click with rotten flesh to force them to drop all items.