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Weather2 FAQ

How it works

Simulates a weather system around each player, spawning warm and cold cloud formations depending on the biome. As the cloud formations travel due to the wind added by the mod, when they collide they have a chance of developing into thunderstorms, which can progress into deadlier storms such as wall clouds, hailstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes.

The cloud formations also build up moisture as they travel over humid or wet biomes, and will rain locally in an area after it builds up enough moisture.

Since the weather is localized, the mod does its best to be compatible with vanilla global weather features, but if you need better cross mod compatibility, you can make weather2 not override global rain by turning on global overcast in the ingame weather2 gui "storms when", or set overcastMode to true in Misc.cfg. With this mode on, weather2 will do light rain everywhere when vanilla server rain is active, and rain more heavily as storms pass by above, otherwise weather2 forces server side weather off and performs its own logic on it.

There are also other aesthetic features and wind systems in the mod, shown on the showcase page.


Weather Item


Used for crafting recipes only.

Placeable Sand Layer


The item version of the Sand Layer block. Places down a single layer of sand, can stack up like snow layers

Pocket Sand!


The power of a sandstorm in your hands. Fires off a blast of sand particles and places down sand layer blocks just like a sandstorm would. Aim it at other players to blind them.


Tornado Sensor


Emits a redstone signal when deadly weather is near.

Tornado Siren


Emits a siren sound when deadly weather is near.

Manual Redstone Siren


Use the tornado siren sound by activating with redstone.

Wind Vane


Points in the direction of the wind.



Spins based on speed of wind.

Weather Radar


Shows active weather activity on the block

Weather Machine


Creates and maintains various types of weather at the blocks location and keeps them there.

Right click to cycle, shift right click to reverse cycle.

Weather Deflector


By default, kills off bad weather within an area around the block.

Can right click cycle to just block protection mode, storms will still come but cannot grab blocks.