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Weather2 lags my game, how can I fix this?

Assuming its a frame rate issue, here are some steps to minimize Weather2's impact on your fps.

Improving it in-game

Before touching any config files, open up the ingame weather2 config gui at the top of the escape menu.

In the performance tab, lower everything to either low or none, save, then wait up to 30 seconds or so while any actively spawned particles despawn, then see if your fps improves.

Another option that might help is setting "Particle precipitation" to Off in the Compatibility tab.

Improving with config files

If the in-game way wasn't enough, here are some config file options to take it even further.

You can edit the config files live in-game by typing /config or edit the actual files in config/weather2/ with a text editor, either or works.

As a test, in Misc.cfg or weather2Misc in-game, set Client_PotatoPC_Mode to true.

  • this is the best performance you can get, if this is not enough, your computer probably isn't powerful enough for the mod.
  • This flat out disables a lot of visuals of weather2 however, and is not recommended unless you are trying to connect to a server that has weather2.

Turn the setting back off and try some other ones:

In Storm.cfg or weather2Storm in-game:

  • Increase value of Storm_ParticleSpawnDelay to reduce how often cloud particles spawn in the sky.

In Misc.cfg or weather2Misc in-game:

  • Increase value of Cloud_ParticleSpawnDelay to reduce how often cloud particles spawn in the sky.

Reducing thread workload to maybe help fps

In Misc.cfg or weather2Misc in-game:

  • Increase value of Thread_Particle_Process_Delay to reduce how often weather2 scans the terrain for places to spawn particles.

In Particle.cfg or weather2Particle in-game:

  • Set Wind_Particle_leafs and Wind_Particle_waterfall both to false to stop terrain scanning for particle spawning entirely.

How do I make it look better with optifine shaders?

I need to investigate more still, but SEUS Renewed 1.0.0 might work better.

You can also try setting useEntityRenderHookForShaders to false in CoroUtil/General.cfg to see if it plays nice, you can change this ingame to test via the /config command gui

I want less deadly storms

Many ways to go about this:

Deadly storms but they dont impact your base

Chose any of these options depending on how you want it

  • Disable block destruction in the ingame weather2 config gui or...
  • Storm_Tornado_grabBlocks to false in Storm.cfg
  • In Tornado.cfg, change these as you see fit, the config file has notes on them as well:
    • Storm_Tornado_grabPlayersOnly
    • Storm_Tornado_grabPlayer
    • Storm_Tornado_grabVillagers
    • Storm_Tornado_grabMobs
    • Storm_Tornado_grabAnimals
    • Storm_Tornado_grabItems (already false)

Go full aesthetic only mode

    • set Aesthetic_Only_Mode to true in Misc.cfg
      • This will disable clouds, storms, and leave just wind and pretty particle effects