Hostile Worlds - Invasions

Requires: CoroUtil and Minecraft Forge

FilenameDownloadMC VersionMod VersionDate
hostileworlds_invasions-1.12.1-1.1.9.jarDownload1.12.1 / 13:53:24
- Reduced evoker spawn rate due to vex spam
- Added config to make miners break blocks the old fasioned way without repairing block used
- Added config to make miners break tile entity blocks
- Slowed default rate of spawn to 1/4 of what it was before in config
- Moved convertExplodedBlocksToRepairingBlocksDuringInvasions and convertExplodedBlocksToRepairingBlocksDuringInvasions from CoroUtil config files to invasion mod config files
- Disabled child zombie spawns for invasions
- Added support for unlimited consecutive invasion skips via config