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The Updating Continues

Progress is slowly underway to properly update all my mods to 1.3.2, I've decided to switch over to using FML / Forge for all of them as they seem to have a nice handle on minecraft these days, also packages. I'll probably start with a combonation of putting the pieces back together with Cojo for tropicraft as well as trying to bandaid weather mod to at least work on the client side of code with my special rendering methods.


Weather Mod Finally Released!

After more than 6 months since it's development, my Destructive Tornadoes mod is now the Weather mod v1.0 with Tornadoes, go get it!

If you encounter any bugs or compatibility issues, please report them over at my thread at




ZombieCraft SMP in Development

About 2-3 weeks ago I started remaking ZombieCraft from scratch with SMP support right from the get go. The basiscs of wave invasion and item purchasing is working, as well as some other stuff. I'll try to post updates here more on the development of it, need a break from it for now.


Also cleaning up what I have for the unreleased Weather mod and trying to push that out before I continue where I am with ZombieCraft remake

ZombieCraft Info Dump from forum post:


Working Features:
- Wave enabled mob spawners, activated by any combonation of conditions: proximity, watch block, wave number range
- Monsters that pursue endlessly to find all players, fully featured pathfinding with near unlimited pathfind range, no more waypoint nodes
- Monster health, points given, lunge speed and monster count all scaled based on wave number
- Purchase plates that cycle between a list of buyable items, with prices scaled depending on gun quality (shows item in 3d above plate)
- Most of the guns that we're more or less the original SDK guns

Development stuff:
- Entities that use items as players do functions very well, guns already tested and working on AI entities, so Comrades that can be given guns to help you with is all there ready in the code, the Entity just needs to be put together, powered by Tropicraft Koa AI
- 90% of the code is unified Client/Server code, so features not heavy on interactions don't need to be coded twice, short of a few variable syncronizations
- Skills/Upgrades you can spend into from the MC level up system is planned, probably weapon upgrades
- Current codebase for MC 1.2.3 using ModLoader and ModLoaderMp, maybe forge down the line if I collect enough reasons to do so, 100% Feature matchup between SSP and SMP ZombieCraft
- Designed with zero base class edits in mind, making updates to new versions of Minecraft as easy as possible

Still to do:
- All Perks (potions will make these easy to do now)
- Traps
- Power
- The sheep, I hate the sheep
- Comrade buyables (entity code 90% ready)
- Player/World interaction lockout
- SMP: Level restoration after game over based off a saved location and area size
- SMP: pregame lobby like area until everyone is ready
- Toggleable map editor mode without exiting the world ever
- Possible open world mode where the invaders come to you, instead of you being blocked into 1 building


Some Mod Updates

I've updated Tornadoes, Particle Man, MovePlus and AutoFarmer to MC 1.2.3, Tornadoes got a small actual code update to v0.41, just a quick little change, prevented rain from starting for the test items unless its spawning an actual tornado.