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Weather and Zombie Awareness Updated

Fixed a load of bugs in weather mod, still some more to go too, glad to have fixed the sinking issue with my waves, as well as the leaf coloring improved. I'm probably going to redo the natural spawning feature of tornadoes to provide better random chance, as well as fix some potential spawning issues of them for dedicated servers.


For those of you looking for ways to increase the difficulty of the survival gameplay of minecraft, this new Zombie Awareness 1.8 really ramps it up by adding more AI to the vanilla zombies, they have a tendancy to wander around even more and spot light sources in your area, might have to step up your base defenses!


ZombieCraft 3 Beta 3 Released!

This version is working so nice I almost want to consider it the official release! But there's just a couple more things I want to get done before I make that happen.

You'll find this release includes almost everything you remember from ZombieCraft Classic, the gameplay is more polished and satisfying, and has excellent multiplayer support for a whole new level of zombie head crushing enjoyment. Have fun!


Weather Mod 1.2 Released

Fairly polished and stable, the waves will probably always need more work, but they are pretty damn presentable, be sure to try the command '/waveheight 10'


Go get it!



Weather & Tornadoes almost ready + new features

Everything appears to be in working order for Weather & Tornadoes, short of configs, some polish, and a few issues due to the design of MC SMP. My features for Tropicraft are also just about good to go minus trading, both will be getting new features as well:


Weather Mod:

- Waves that you can see and surf in (minmal performance loss), intensity of the waves tied to the wind speed and storm stage, configurable range of wave rendering

- A simple but modified boat tweaked for smooth wave surfing


Tropicraft Koa:

- Koa chest for maintaining existing village population, respawns villagers

- Trading redesign, new villager merchant with shop instead of every koa able to trade (work in progress)

- The waves and everything from Weather mod